Multax Ltd invest in Matsuura – But Which One?

Multax Ltd based in Andover, Hampshire, recently invested in the MAM72-35V from Matsuura Machinery Ltd to achieve improved efficiency and maximise spindle up time. Investing in this type of machine was a huge step for a young company like Multax Ltd. Ashley Mizen, Co-owner and Director of Multax Ltd, talks about the company’s vision to think differently and improve efficiency. With the installation of the MAM72-35V, Multax is satisfied they can get the job right the first time, and operators love programming the machine. Area Sales Manager, Mark Cumberland, from Matsuura Machinery Ltd provides insight on the MAM’s ability to run unmanned for long hours and weekends. He suggests that the MAM72-35V is an ideal choice since it’s designed around an economical batch size of one and any multiple of one upwards as long as there is some repetition to it. Multax has had a great experience with Matsuura, including a seamless transition and fantastic application support. Watch the video for more details on lights out running with the MAM72-35V!

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