Midlands 3D Printing on production-ready parts with HP MJF technology from Matsuura

MTDCNC visits Midlands 3D Printing to learn more about the business, their growth, and their investment in the HP proprietary MJF, Multi Jet Fusion technology. Managing Director Paul Moloney of Midlands 3D talks about their successful FDM business and the increased customer demand for more robust and ready to use parts. Their investment in MJF technology from Matsuura allowed them to deliver production-ready functional and durable parts, producing batches of 500, 1000, or 5000. Matsuura’s incredible service and support throughout helped Midlands 3D to understand part, running, and material costs as well as the benefits of the solution. Paul testifies that Matsuura know how to get the best out of these machines and what the limitations are, further supporting Midlands 3D to keep their business running. Starting about 8 years ago in Paul’s garage with a single machine, Midlands 3D have grown their 3D print manufacturing business where they also do prototyping with a focus on volume manufacturing.

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