Here’s why MacIntyre Chocolate Systems invested in this machine

Paul Jones of MTDCNC is with Nicky Tynan of MacIntyre Chocolate Systems to find out more about what they do and why they use a Matsuura for their worldwide business. Exporting products to 106 countries, MacIntyre Chocolate Systems manufacture machines for the chocolate industry to help customers make chocolate creams and spreads. Standing in front of the Matsuura MX-850 with a pallet changer, Nicky talks about the flexibility of the kit for making different products and how it helps them achieve lights out production runs. After hearing positive reviews from everyone who had a Matsuura, MacIntyre Chocolate Systems decided to invest in the machine for its reliability, accuracy, and great support. Watch the video to find out how Nicky and the team make up to 60 machines a year that range in size from 45kg to 5000kg.

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