The SHARK Gives Leader CNC Technologies The Cutting Edge

Giovanni Albanese of MTDCNC interviews Bob Turnell of Leader CNC Technologies for his review on the GRUPPO PARPAS SHARK. After CW Fletcher presented their machining challenges and the required key features through a 3D model, Leader CNC Technologies worked with them to choose the perfect solution for their application. Controlled by a HEIDENHAIN encoder, the SHARK’s C axis has a high positioning accuracy of 1 arc-second. The machine can take a maximum component diameter of 1600mm and a maximum weight of 3500 kilograms. GRUPPO PARPAS have also developed their own system to compensate for any droop, the machine is built for faster speeds and feeds, the SHARK can cut any material, including hard alloys. Find out how the SHARK gives Leader CNC Technologies an edge when they’re looking to win work in the aerospace, defence, and space exploration industries.

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