Inside Factory 33: The Cleanest CNC Machine Shop You’ve NEVER Seen!

Ever wondered what a top-tier CNC machine shop looks like? We’re diving deep into Factory 33, one of Carterton, Oxfordshire’s hidden gems! In this MTDCNC exclusive, we chat with Marcin, the Managing Director of Factory 33, a thriving independent CNC machining company that’s been turning heads since 2015. Explore the highly organised layout, peek into their tidy inspection department, and find out why they rely heavily on Hurco machines for their precision work. From aerospace to F1 components, they do it all. What sets Factory 33 apart? It might just be the cleanest, most systematic machine shop we’ve EVER laid eyes on. And the secret? A consistent blend of quality machines and an unwavering commitment to cleanliness and organisation. One major highlight from our tour? The benefits of Hurco machines. Marcin dishes out how these machines have been game-changers for Factory 33. Plus, ever seen a machine shop so clean you could eat off the floor? You will now. If this inside look amazed you as much as it did us, don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe for more exclusive MTDCNC content!

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