Efficient Large Part Machining: Discover the Hurco VMX60i

Unlock new levels of productivity in your large part machining with the Hurco VMX60i, a powerhouse in the precision engineering industry. Join MTDCNC’s Chloe Reeve and Hurco’s expert, Abigail Sullivan, as they explore this colossal machine’s capabilities, designed to effortlessly handle hefty components. The VMX60i stands out with its extensive X, Y, and Z movements, accommodating parts over a metre and a half, coupled with a robust 12k spindle and 30-tool stations for unmatched versatility. With features like the dual screen setup, chip conveyer, and optional through-spindle coolant, enhancing your machining efficiency. Don’t miss out on this insightful showcase – subscribe for more expert insights and comment your thoughts below. #HurcoVMX60i #ProductiveMachining #PrecisionEngineering

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