Middlesex Aerospace are on a path to Smart Manufacturing with Hexagon solutions.

What makes Hexagon software and solutions so critical for Middlesex Aerospace? MD Laurence Foulds of Middlesex Aerospace and the experts from Hexagon talk us through the fantastic relationship, and how Hexagon enables Middlesex Aerospace to manufacture complicated components quickly to be delivered to customers in time. Partnering with Hexagon for many years, Middlesex Aerospace recently invested in Hexagon metrology products. Hexagon’s PC-DMIS and INSPECT help with the challenges of accessibility and tighter tolerances to measure a range of parts and decrease cycle times by over 60%. Hexagon’s solutions include CAM, simulation, and MRP products from initial CAD through to reverse engineering, and these include EDGECAM, VISI, workNC, ESPRIT, NCSIMUL, WORKPLAN, and JAVELIN. Hexagon offer the best value for money and production solution for Middlesex Aerospace, including end-to-end solutions that are improving their workflow. While Hexagon can quickly resolve any issues through their efficient and easy support portal, Middlesex Aerospace get 100% quality first time and every time.

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