Thinking about Automation think about Fastems

Are you looking for an affordable & compact automation for your 3, 4 or 5 axis machining centre with 300 to 630 mm pallets? With ready-made library of machine interfaces allowing plug-and-play installation for over 90 machine tool brands? Would you like to increase lights-out capacity, increase machine utilisation and shorten lead times? Well now you can, as Heikki Hallila from Fastems shows Gio from MTDCNC at AMB 2022 in Germany, the new entry level Fastems FPT (Flexible Pallet Tower) is a compact pallet automation for a single machine tool with or without an automatic pallet changer (APC). FPT features a height configurable 2 to 4 level storage for up to 24 pallets, allowing for two load heights in one system. Like every Fastems system, FPT is controlled by Manufacturing Management Software (MMS). MMS offers a single-view user interface with drag-and-drop production order for FIFO, and an order based production scheduling mode with optional ERP integration. Thinking about automation, think about Fastems.

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