Helical Technology’s latest investment offers quality and cost savings

Colin Griffiths from MTDCNC is at Helical Technology, the world leaders in exhaust valve actuators and rotators; every year they supply 4 million valve rotators around the world. Their latest acquisition has massively improved production, and Johann Bustin and Johnny Rigby from Helical Technology tell us how the Nakamura has helped them with manufacturing uptime. Johann and Johnny talk about the superior quality, stability and performance of the machine as well as its intuitive interface that provides pictorial displays on how to recover if there’s any issue, ultimately saving time lost from digging up manuals. A user-friendly machine, the Nakamura can be programmed online or offline and can be used to cut three different features at the same time thanks to three turrets! If you want to learn more about the Nakamura’s capabilities, watch the full video.

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