ETG Sets Sights on a ‘Better World’

As part of its corporate, social and environmental responsibilities, the Engineering Technology Group (ETG) has now signed up to the Betterworld.Solutions initiative. The Betterworld.Solutions initiative is the brainchild of Chris Rea, the Founder and CEO of global manufacturer AESSEAL plc. Betterworld.Solutions aims to encourage and support not only its supply chain, but the wider manufacturing industry to implement best practices to prevent global warming.

As a key supplier of machine tools to AESSEAL®, ETG has committed to the Betterworld.Solutions initiative, which will also form part of ETG’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and the development of its environmental framework policy. As part of ETG’s sustainability investment policy, the company has already committed to prioritising sustainability projects within the business, sourcing machine tools that can demonstrate sustainability benefits to end-users and prioritising projects that will support ETG’s Net-Zero ambitions.

ETG’s technical partners have long been implementing ground-breaking energy efficiency technology such as the Chiron spindle energy recovery system among others. However, as part of this ongoing journey, ETG is taking its commitment to both its supply chain and customers to support UK manufacturers on their journey to reducing emissions and waste with the benefit of reducing business costs and improving environmental credentials. One example of this is the new Powerstar transformers that ETG has now introduced.

The new Powerstar Amorphous Core Transformers will be available for all machines purchased from ETG and the transformers can drastically reduce machine running costs, emissions and improve efficiency. Despite the initial cost of Amorphous Core Transformers being slightly higher than conventional transformers, over a 10-year period, the new Amorphous Core Transformers yield an average saving of £25,500 with a CO2 emission reduction of almost 40,000kg. This is because conventional transformers consume their initial purchase cost in wasted energy every 9 months. In comparison, the new Amorphous Core Transformers are significantly more efficient and waste minimal amounts of energy. Proudly designed and manufactured in the UK, manufacturers can now find out more information on the new Powerstar Amorphous Core Transformers from ETG.

For manufacturers that wish to embark upon a journey of sustainability that will reduce emissions, business costs and build a sustainable future for the next generation in the race against climate change, Betterworld.Solutions will be speaking at the CHEMUK 2021 EXPO event taking place 15th and 16th September at the NEC. Betterworld.Solutions are also the headline sponsor at the Yorkshire Climate Change Summit ( on the 9th of November in Leeds.

As the CEO of the AESSEAL® and the founder of Betterworld.Solutions, Chris Rea is passionate about developing environmental best practices not only for AESSEAL® and its supply chain but also the wider manufacturing audience. As part of the AESSEAL® pledge to Net-Zero, the company is launching a global sustainability training programme, working with global businesses to achieve Net Zero and working with its value chain to commit to its targets to make AESSEAL plc a global Net-Zero business by 2029. If you would like to find out how Betterworld.Solutions can support your sustainability journey, please visit or speak to the Engineering Technology Group (ETG).

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