ETG explain MITSUBISHI Wire EDMs, automation, and saving the planet

How exactly does a wire EDM work, and why are people switching to wire EDMs for tougher materials? Tom Skubala of MTDCNC is with Area Sales Manager Carlos Figueiredo of ETG to find out! Carlos explains the simple process of a MITSUBISHI wire EDM and how it works like a knife through butter, particularly on tougher materials. The harder the material, the more beautiful the finish and cut! MITSUBISHI wire EDMs offer excellent accuracy and repeatability for autonomous running in addition to Industry 4.0 features to ensure minimal downtime. Carlos shares how ETG are helping to save the planet with the ECO Ionizer, a yellow unit that comes as standard with their machines. The ionizer eliminates the need of resin, a material that’s quite toxic, costly, and difficult to dispose of legally. The unit removes impurities to provide clean water that carries on cleaning the system as it goes. A recyclable unit, the ECO ionizer typically needs to be changed every 18 months, allowing users to save on costs and labour while being free from toxic resin. Find out more on precision cutting steel with electricity, complete automation, and eco-friendly cost-effective solutions from ETG!

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