At this year’s EMO trade fair in Hannover, DMG Mori will present and demonstrate on its 9,000 sq m stand a new Machining Transformation (MX) framework based on four innovative technology and solution pillars – Process Integration, Automation, Digital Transformation and Green Transformation.

Under the title DMG MORI City, the company will introduce holistic production concepts for applications in multiple industries based on cutting-edge machine tool technology, from universal and production CNC turning machines to 5-axis milling and mill-turn centres to additive manufacturing platforms.

Among the 39 machines and 20 automation solutions on show, there will be a number of world premieres including the CTX beta 450 TC turn & mill centre, the CTX 450 and CTX 550 universal lathes, and the INH 63, a horizontal-spindle, 5-axis machining centre. To be introduced also are the modular PH Cell 800 pallet handling system and the UH-AMR 2000, an autonomous robot for material and tool handling.

Chief marketing officer Irene Bader explained, “Pioneering manufacturing solutions and innovative applications around Machining Transformation are the foundation on which we have built the DMG MORI City.

“In MX Square, state-of-the-art machine tools, automation solutions and digital tools will take centre stage. MX Broadway will be lined with innovative solutions that point the way to the future of manufacturing.

“Throughout DMG MORI City, the theme of connectivity will be tangible. All roads converge on Future Avenue, which will focus on digital tools for connectivity and networking of an entire manufacturing process.”

Process integration is a part of MX that DMG Mori has been driving forward for decades. 5-axis simultaneous milling and turning operations in one working area is now widespread for optimising the machining of complex workpieces. Today, DMG Mori integrates other machining technologies as well, such as grinding, gear milling, ultrasonic machining and direct energy deposition additive manufacturing.

The advantages are clear: shorter throughput times, higher machine utilisation and better quality components. In DMG MORI City, the CTX beta 450 TC turn-mill centre will provide a particularly good example of process integration.

Flexible automation solutions also play a significant role in MX. They increase productivity by maximising machine utilisation, including during unattended shifts. Automation also ensures consistent component quality.

Intelligent digitisation is a further integral part of MX. Artificial intelligence, the Internet-of-Things, big data and digital twin are just a few topics that significantly influence and optimise processes. DMG Mori offers its customers the opportunity to fully network and monitor their production so that they are able to create competitive advantage and build new business models.

The fourth pillar of MX, Green Transformation, represents a way to achieve climate protection goals and compensate for rising energy prices. The so-called DMG Mori Green Economy comprises resource saving in machine production, energy-efficient machine operation and partnerships for the advancement of green technologies.

Specifically, Greenmode is based on a 13-point plan including pioneering technologies and innovative features that save up to 40 percent of total energy costs when operating a machine tool. DMG Mori will demonstrate these measures at EMO on several machine tools in a special promotional area. Workpieces being produced will include a turbine for hydroelectric power plants and bipolar plates for energy storage systems.

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