DMG MORI will stage a Medical Days event on 8th and 9th March 2023 at its Medical Excellence Centre in Wernau, Germany, which opened last year. The machine tool manufacturer will present new technologies to help the medical sector meet increasing challenges in the global market. In addition to the symposium, the company will run live demonstrations on a variety of machining platforms, with the accent on turning.

The list of machines on show is long and will include two turn-mill centres, the NTX 500 with IMTR robot automation and a second-generation NTX 1000 SZM, as well as larger turning/milling centres in the NTX series. There will be a compact Sprint 20/8 lathe, which will be shown producing a bone screw. In addition to an NLX 2000 SY/500 universal turning centre with GX5 gantry loader, live demonstrations will take place on an NLX 2500 SY/700 with Robo2Go automation and an NLX 2500/700 SY with MATRIS robot loading. Users for whom production turning is the focus can look forward to the NZX 2000/800 STY3.

Prismatic machining platforms on show will be a third-generation NHX 5000 horizontal machining centre, an entry-level, full 5-axis, vertical machining centre launched at the company’s recent open house at its Pfronten factory, and a DMP 35 vertical machining centre with WH 3 Cell robot automation. The latter configuration was developed in cooperation with a medical partner and the cell will be demonstrated machining a bone plate.

Included in the program will be TULIP, a no-code platform offering shop floor support by enabling operators to create their own applications quickly and intuitively. The program will be enhanced by lecture sessions that will go into considerable depth on the subjects of process integration, complete machining and sustainability.

Finally, there will be a presentation on professional manufacturing execution systems (MES) and their importance in the medical industry, as well as a session on high-performance computer software validation by Aptean DACH GmbH.

Anyone wishing to participate is asked to register for the event online at: or via e-mail at

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